Posted by: Steve | July 15, 2012

Rothbury traditional music festival 2012

Blue skies over Rothbury

Well, it’s been an awful Summer but we were lucky to see blue skies, at least for a while, over this year’s trad music fest at Rothbury. It’s been a year of changes for the festival with the launch of their new web site at . Not only that, the fest has gone all high-tech with twitter on .

One thing I noticed right away as I visited the various venues and events this year was the number of youngsters taking part. There definitely seem to be a lot of young, fresh faces in the Rothbury Ceilidh Band these days. I even spotted a new recruit among the ranks of the Rothbury Highland Pipe Band.

Young piper

Young piper

There was some phenomenal drumming to be heard, and some very rousing playing on the Highland pipes. The Rothbury pipers are on the net as well, get the full story at .

A well deserved award

A well deserved award

In bright sunshine the Hexham Morrismen and Hexhamshire Lasses entertained the crowds with top class dancing and music.

Hexham morris-man

Hexham morris-man

Hexhamshire Lasses

Hexhamshire Lasses

Due to other commitments I haven’t had much time to practice the banjo this year, so I did the festival a favour and left it at home. The sessions seemed a little less well attended, at least on Saturday afternoon, but there was still lots of great music – Scottish, Irish and of course, Northumbrian.

Session at The Queen's

Session at The Queen’s

I rounded the afternoon off with a nice pork pie, then a splendid pint at the Queen’s Head, listening to some great box playing, courtesy of Mary Larkin, with Carol Hall providing backing on guitar. Mary orginates from Riverstown, Sligo, Carol is from South Shields.


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