Posted by: Steve | August 19, 2012

Alnmouth Raft Race 2012

Another brilliant success!

By tradition we use the Otter’s Holt ‘eye in the sky’ surveillance drone to monitor the annual Alnmouth Raft Race. Due to austerity measures, and a dodgy spark plug, we found ourselves on-foot, cheek-to-cheek so to speak, with the sweaty masses on a hot August afternoon. Luckily we managed to avoid a drenching from the RNLI lifeboat as the guys softened up the crews of this year’s shoddy and shambolic craft.

Batmen get a soaking

Splish-splash for Team GB

Tension increased as the start was delayed – the Alnmouth press-gang toured the village pubs and eventually rounded up the stragglers.

Wait for the hooter guys!

In time-honoured fashion the klaxon signalled the start of the 2012 race. As always no holds are barred in this contest of strength, stamina and seamanship.

No holds barred!

Within a matter of minutes the Bat-raft was surging ahead. Clearly a lot of work had gone into the design of this craft – a long, strong projectile that seemed to thrust it’s way forward through the softly yielding waves. I must ask the guys where they got the idea for this!

Hey ho – look at those bat men go!

With the Bat-raft surging through the foam at about 15 knots, the bow-wave was causing a few problems for some of the other competitors. Anyone seen the RNLI?

Someone send up a flare

Tactics always play a major part in the raft race. Even as the bats surged ahead, competition for second and third places was intense. Maybe one of these guys made a quip about ‘lady drivers’.

Toot toot – let the ladies through

With consistent form throughout the race, and a technically advanced boat, it was no surprise that the bats romped in first.

Bats fly home to roost

I wouldn’t dare to suggest that the golfers were sore losers, but it looks like they tossed their captain into the rough at the end of a disappointing voyage.

Golfer tossed into the rough

All that salty seawater and man-handling seems to have placed an unbearable strain on the elastic in this golfer’s pants. Anyone got a bit of string?

Elastic catastrophe at Alnmouth raft race 2012

Team GB flew the flag for England, pushing their raft over the finish line.

Team GB push ahead of the French

“Qu’est-ce qui a mal tourné mes amis. Ne comprends-tu pas que nous devons ramer ce petit bateau à Calais? Nos bras sont comme les jambes de grenouilles, il n’y a pas assez de viande sur eux. Nous sommes vraiment les misérables.”

Les Miserables

All-in-all a great afternoon’s entertainment with all collected donations going  to the RNLI. Thanks to the villagers, friends and families for putting in all the hard graft and making the day another brilliant success.

Alnmouth rafters line up for a ‘kick the golfer’s ass’ competition


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