Enda Scahill’s Irish Banjo Tutor

Enda Scahill's Irish banjo Tutor

A great tenor banjo tutor!

It’s arrived at last! It’s Enda Scahill’s Irish Banjo Tutor book with two audio CD’s.

I’ve been playing the Irish tenor banjo for about two years now. My progress has been pretty steady – I’m doing OK, but I was finding it really hard to get to grips with authentic ‘Irish’ sounding triplets and trebles. I have to admit that until I got Enda’s book I didn’t really understand what a ‘treble’ was!

This is the first banjo tutor book that I’ve bought, and I expect it will be the last. It’s got everything, I mean ‘everything’ you need to know in there.

I’d taken some ‘plucked string’ classes with Damien O’Kane a while back, but I was playing an octave mandolin at the time. Damien gave me some good advice about improving my technique, and I’m finding that Enda’s book is really helping me to iron out some of my remaining problems – at least the ones relating to the banjo.

Most of Enda’s book is about plucking technique, he lays down a few basic rules that need to be absorbed and practiced until they become mechanical. This is my first challenge as I have to unlearn some of the basics that I’ve been using for years. Even more of a challenge is avoiding sessions for a few weeks until the new plucking patterns are ingrained. Being something of a session junkie I’m not sure that I’ll be able to stick to that advice.

The rules are meant to be applied pretty rigidly, but I expect that more advanced players might want to adapt these to allow room for individuality.

You really need to get the CD’s to go with the book as most of the tunes have a few variations that you might not be familiar with. The CD’s are really quite clever because there are a wide range of tunes to learn, from slow and basic ‘beginner’ level, up to quite complicated arrangements played at a reasonable speed. I don’t read music so the CD’s were indispensable for me.

All good so far… there’s nothing I’d really criticize about Enda’s book or CD’s. It’s a slim volume for the price, but it really covers everything you need to know, from beginner up to quite an advanced level.

Click here to order your copy: Enda Scahill’s Irish Banjo Tutor


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